Maclaren River Lodge Tours

Summer Season Pricing
Amazing adventures to be had: Hiking, fishing, canoeing, wildlife viewing, berry picking, photography, great old fashion relaxation.

Remote Camp
We maintain a base-camp about 10 miles up river from the lodge. This leaves a 5 mile hike to Maclaren Glacier pond. Waterproof boots are recommended.

       Camp facilities include:        We will provide:

Boat Trips

       Scenic Boat Tours        Glacier Camp        Canoe Trips (per person)

    Maclaren river canoe trips
River Transportation - We offer scenic jet boat rides to "The Glacier Camp", canoe drop offs and pickup.

The area is great for bird viewing of Arctic Warbler, Smith's Long-spur, Long-tailed Jaeger, Whimbrel, Surfbird, Lapland Longspur, Horned Lark, Short-eared Owl, Wandering Tattler, Gyrfalcon and much more. A walk north along BLM's Maclaren Summit Trail can be very productive. There are also trumpeter swans and various other waterfowl in the lakes and ponds along the route.

There is great fishing for grayling and lake trout. Wildlife viewing is spectacular.

Alaska fishing
Fishing Alaska - Try your luck fishing the many rivers and streams containing arctic grayling. The lakes abound with lake trout and burbot (some call a poor mans lobster, by its white flesh and taste).

Moose hunts Alaska
Hunting Alaska - We are located in Unit 13A with Unit 13B on the north side of the Denali Highway. The area offers a wide variety of hunting for Moose, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Ducks, Ptarmigan. See the Alaska Hunting Regulations book for more details. Alaska Fish & Game web site

Photography, Hiking, Bicycling, Kayaking & ATV - Spend a day or weekend riding the many trails by ATV or bicycle or slow it down and hike the scenic views of Maclaren Glacier and the Alaska Mountain range, they are spectacular for the photographer.  Canoe, raft or kayak for the more adventuresome.

alaska snowmachine trails
Snowmachine, Cross Country Skiiing & Mushing - Snowmachine our groomed trails or venture off into the hills for deep powder ridding.

alaska airplane
Fly in - Visiting pilot information and location of the Maclaren River Lodge.